"Un tour de mes roues,
Deux pas de mon bœuf,
Trois toises de mon chemin.
Tant de lis, je dois parcourir,
Tant de lis de liberté.
Ô toi le faucon,
Tu ne sais compter
Mais tu peux me voir
Siroter mon thé."

Song of the Nomad People


Hey all, page 54 will be delayed!

I usually finish up the weekly page on Satursday, but this time I’ll be away with the family.
This plus the anthology work, even if pushing as hard I can, will delay the page until Monday, Tuesday maybe.
Tomorrow’s stream will happen though, but only for two hours and maybe with anthology content^^ it all depends how much of everything I would have been able to do at that point.
See you very soon 🙂

UPDATE : hhh, balancing the page and day job is harder than I thought! Color is already half-finished, I just need a bit more time and so will release the page tomorrow.


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