“A turn of my wheels,
Two steps of my ox,
Three tensae of my road.
So many lis, I have to go,
So many lis of freedom.
Oh you the falcon,
You cannot count
But you can see me
Sipping my tea.”

Song of the Nomad People


Hey all, page 54 will be delayed!

I usually finish up the weekly page on Satursday, but this time I’ll be away with the family.
This plus the anthology work, even if pushing as hard I can, will delay the page until Monday, Tuesday maybe.
Tomorrow’s stream will happen though, but only for two hours and maybe with anthology content^^ it all depends how much of everything I would have been able to do at that point.
See you very soon πŸ™‚

UPDATE : hhh, balancing the page and day job is harder than I thought! Color is already half-finished, I just need a bit more time and so will release the page tomorrow.


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