“It whispers… through my hair. I feel it in my armpits, in my teeth. The rivers, the lightning, they flow backwards, to the ear of my mind.
They tell me-.
It’s coming.”
Pierluigi Cornodoro, the seven-starred

Final version with texts and translations UP!
So this is definitely the page that took the most time, in part due to low energy ok, but also in a big way because I wanted very much this to be close to mesmerizing pictures from Petra that a friend took. This place is going to feel special, it should look the part.
Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

For those interested, here are the previous versions of the page :
Image 1

Image 2
And, without the text!


Done! What did I get myself into… texts and french version are incoming, for now I have to eat and go to work.


Updated the page somewhat, still not finished, sorry I’m SLOOOOW
I’m less tired but still… and asked myself many questions with the lighting here. It may happen again, Chapter 3 is designed to be challenging to me.


Eeeeyyyy that page takes tiiime and I’m like falling asleep or wanting to pretty often these days.
So here’s a flat version, I know some of you like that πŸ™‚
I’ll try to sleep and not get covid, and next week you’ll have the beautiful render!