“One peculiar legend during the reign of Seculor is of a beggar that never aged. Sometimes depicted as a monstrous villain, some others as a wiry, tender artist, one could expect an amalgamated tale resonating to the tune of a stereotype, but! It is actually found that most of the testimonies align a bit too well, all over the then-Golemian kingdom, and the span of eighty years. Some tell of his death in vivid detail, or should I write, deaths. Twelve are recorded and add to the overall mystery surrounding this person, feeding the wildest of theories! Historians have speculated upon a guild of beggars, or a bloodline with striking likeness between kin, or cultists, or comedians… one Gebert Trochoni even muses with the idea of the King disguising himself and visiting his serfs, staging his death whenever he was found out. Most dates would indeed match, but on some of them he would have to had been at two places at once!
Most likely, this is a case that will continue to excite bookworms for quite some time!”

Jaos Gyrimonnos the Elder, Measures of Land and Time


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