“And so I went and put my head into the well. How thirsty it was! It wasn’t until I spent a full day speaking about the little stories of the village that I heard the first droplet.
The following day, I told it about trouble at the borders, and heard nothing but my own voice.
The third day, the villagers begged me to ask it directly for water. I could have sworn a gust of hot air came from the bottom of the hole.
The following week, I tried it all : news from the provinces, crops, sightings of rare animals, three babies that were born with only three legs between them, and a complete three-part play that I had learned by heart in my younger days.
The villagers had stopped paying me when, exhausted, I fell asleep and dreamt that I was flying : above the clouds, the glorious golden light, the chilling air. The mountains, then, innumerable, chaotic, regal. The ancestral glacier, telling its words of wisdom only to those mad enough to spend twenty years as its concubine. The waterfall, stopping mid-air, with smokes that would never end their fall… fall… fall….
I woke up entirely in the well, nearly drowned, certainly frozen! The villagers had left. And now for my story, I would like another grog. Thank you. Slurp.”

Alithair the Spring-Finder


So, a double page! But not a spread – I wonder how well it would worked in print.