Heyyy we’re back! Still a bit tired but it’ll get better πŸ™‚

One of the issues I have, earning more money right now, is that -> I can’t rest, or not much. I’m figuring and contemplating ways out, as it can’t be good on the long term.

Of course, it helps me build a budget for print! But at some point I’d much rather like to be making that money through the comic instead, that would be simpler and allow me to focus more on it (and if you’d like to help me on that, well, there is Patreon πŸ˜‰ ) . Luckily, the readership is growing, in a big part due to a large ad campaign that I did last month! Welcome, everyone, it is a pleasure to have you here πŸ™‚


Special thanks also to Yari Valtean, also known as Kruos Marifica, Imperial Ambassador to Kizh, for designing the nomad alphabet you’re seeing in the baloons!

You’re definitely a very passionate person. πŸ™‚


When I was busy being dead, guess what we skipped! THE COMIC’S SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!!

Two years already that this guy wanders, and has the luck of a fish in the Sahara! Two years of wonderful people coming here to read about the big outdoors, life and its uncertainties! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, to read and like what I do, and sometimes even showing it! πŸ™‚ Sincerely, it is the best of things.

Honestly, I haven’t seen that last year go by. It seems like yesterday that I picked up the comic after summer to finally put an end to Iron Brow and the Little Warrior’s duel. Only 7 more updates until Summer Hiatus (on the 4th of June I’ll be abroad) , 7 pages to find out what happened to our hero, and then the rythm will resume fully in September! Chapter 3 contains many a thing to cherish, and I can’t wait for you to discover them.

I’ll leave you with an old version of our protagonist, one of the first times I drew him with something resembling his current design! Until next week, take care, avoid big white stags, lightning, and I wish you a neat neat time. πŸ™‚


eeeyyy babe ski’s up