“Darling, I write to you, to tell that I’ll have to stay in Kizh for some more weeks. The political crisis is calming, but grain stocks and prices are all over the place! Still, I have to come home with some kind of load. I can’t wait to get out of here. The constant yelling, these crazy eyes! The heavy smells from the streets..! And, did I mention that the weather is always the same? The sun seems big as the sky, never a cloud on it, and the afternoons soon become excruciating. I laid on a marble block all day yesterday, not able to do anything else, hoping it would cool me.
How I languish for the slightest drop of rain.
My next letter should be on my way back, please enjoy the Mauberg house and the air of autumn.
Your ever-faithful Aldarn.”

Letter to Rosagiulietta Grosbern.


Two pages at once! This balances last week’s lack of one.

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Hey, feeling really tired and sad of a pile of things happening right now, in my life and outside. So, not in shape to do a great page, I’ll take this week off.
No promises for next week, as I could be needed to assist in the preparations of a funeral.
Life stuff keeps happening, sorry, it’s one of those times. Page 80 will be up on May the 14th!