Hey, sorry, there won’t be any streaming this week, and the page might be published a little late.
It’s been a busy, busy month. I simply had to rest today and couldn’t do otherwise.
Thank you for understanding, see you very soon!

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“There is one subject that many would like to be legend, but is too real to ignore the facts.
The Evildoers, whatever they are, are fact. Not unlike a horde of deserters, they wander the Earth and sow destruction on their wake. Unlike a horde of deserters, no one they met has lived to tell what they truly are. Well, there has been an exception in recent years, or so I have been told : a woman named Sophie has been found in the rubbles of a village, hidden in a barrel. But nothing she has revealed has ever made sense, her mind having likely been splintered by what she had experienced. And what she said, everyone can only wish, pertains to legend.”

Jaos Gyrimonnos the Elder, Measures of Land and Time


DID YOU KNOW?????!!!!!

One year ago, the very first page of this comic was published! One could say, this marks an anniversary!
Part of me doubted that I’d have enough patience and time to last that long, part of me secretly shamefully wished to gain a lot of money from the endeavour, and here we are in the middle, with me not caring to have been wrong in those assumptions^^.
I really love what we’ve built here, I heartfully thank all of you to come here to read the comic, to like it, to react to it!

More, ever more is to come, of course, and if I stick to my current rythm, we should have a new, happier, more full with many characters, chapter in the summer, with it ending in a year.
That is, unless I suddenly make a living from the comic and switch to TWO pages a week! (wink wink hee hee no don’t feel obligated that would be bad)

So, what can I say but thank every one of you again! You are the ones (beside myself) I make this comic for. You’re the reason I don’t say to myself “Hey let’s delay this page for a bit, I’d like to play video games”. You’re the reason I’m here, an thus the reason you’re here, and this sentence is weird, so I’ll try to wrap this up before it gets weirder.

There are reasons to be excited about what has been happening for a year now, and I’ll make it so there are many more to be excited for the following ones!
I know I am πŸ™‚
Let’s find out together πŸ™‚

Done by my good friend Victor πŸ™‚


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