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Articles récents

Page 112 UP

with full shiny render, flavor text, plus a drawing-only version :)Thank you for your patience 🙂

Ok. Sorry. Change of plans

I was going to be working tomorrow on the story, but these past 2 hours we’ve got :-a potential bed bug infestation in the house-a lame kitty.Both of these things need to be adressed immediately and will likely take a good portion of my work time until we’re sure they’re resolved.See you soon, hopefully 🙂

Ongoing Dragon Ball chapter!

Hey, maybe you remember that I was working on a fan-manga? Well, it’s being released right now on , we’re already 7 pages in.If you want to see a funny little adventure, or how my style translates to Toriyama’s, go take a look! 🙂

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