Hello to you all! I wondered about it for a while and was finally seriously asked for it :
the opportunity to offer support through Patreon.
“What is this strange word?” might you ask. Well, it is an online platform on which you can choose to give a small sum to creators you like and want to encourage, in return for special awards such as authographed books, having yourself or one of your characters show up in the comic, artistic advice and much more.
You should of course only do this if you feel like it, but you might at least be interested in the additional art I did for the thumbnails there^^. So please have a look around, see if there’s anything you would like, and feel free to share your opinion of it!

The community that has been building around the comic has already been beautiful and very supportive!
I really want to thank every one of you, every comment, question, view, share, has made me a happier person and helped me on my path to make this my favourite occupation.

See you soon on nice sharp rocks, and until then, may the Golems tend to the waves of your mind.