And it’s the return of…! The unrendered pages.

Almost all of you referred to Lao Yao as they/them from the start, how sweet you all are! The twist was imagined in 2013 and it seemed solid, I guess it shows just how much things have changed in the last years^^.

So, it’s time for me to give you a little update on what’s going on.
Basically, these days I’m kind of stuck in a bottleneck of many things. Professionally, things have not gone according to plan : less students and more expenses, in a shop that doesn’t allow stability or trying new strategies. The comic runs on that money but stays the most important thing : I don’t want the means to overpower the end. Of course, any small help through Patreon for example is welcome. I’m grappling with how to make things work. And on a more personal level, I’m in the middle of a breakup that never ends, the fourth month of it, plus we have to find new housemates.

I’m mostly ok though, just overburdened at the moment, be it my schedule or mind. I try to take care of myself as to stay that way, even if it takes even more time off the week. And you can count on me to battle through and continue the comic, no matter what 🙂

I am extremely grateful for your patience, and hope you will like this page. I have good hopes that it will be colored next week, and would like to resume my normal schedule as soon as possible.



Update :
Ah, today was the day alloted to rendering the page, but my ex was moving out her stuff and I really had to be there. So, the schedule shifts one week, and, for now, the comic sleeps just a bit more. I hope you are well, and again, thank you for your patience.