“Which Golem would watch over Time? According to scripture, none is, though it’s also written that Golems rule over every aspect of the world.
This gave place to heated debates, some stating that time doesn’t exist, others that maybe there would be some authority higher than the Golems, or that a tenth one would exist, or maybe that the First People were simply too dumb to know about Time.
You can imagine that I ran into some trouble while titling this book.”

Jaos Gyrimonnos the Elder, Measures of Land and Time


Hey, some news! πŸ™‚
Next week, and until the start of September, we’ll be switching to a story similar to last year’s Beach Episode. Where is the caravan headed? Who will our characters meet? Will this buy me time to better design the location? You’ll know all of that soon enough. THE REAL QUESTION however will be for now :

who bakes the best cake?

Yeah, that will be the comic for the summer.
See you very soon πŸ™‚