“-Watcha got? Nomblian denars? I have agbadi rings. I think, somewhere downtown there’s a guy we can fool into believing these are kizhi shams and he’ll give us the metal weight equivalent in tamzian kutsals. Then we’ll head to the semi-precious stones market, and it will be way easier to make imperial crowns if we haggle for a bit. Invest those by hiring some experienced pearl divers at the docks, and we should be able to buy out a bureaucrat and get these passports!
-You know… at this rate I’d rather just risk running through the border, no matter how good their crossbows.”

Two Free Traders trying to turn a new leaf


Since I have my new tablet (a year and a half ago, end of Chapter 2), I never really could trust the colors I was making… there’s a real difference I see between the colors before and after, and in the end the pages always either end up too saturated, or not enough. I’d like to find that sweet spot again, and so I’m trying workarounds, comparing often with my other screen, but this takes time and so expect page 103 on Sunday rather than Saturday. On the flip side, colors should be pretty neat πŸ™‚