It’s page 100! It’s page 100!!! Who can believe it? No one, and especially not me!
Also, it’s been 3 years now that I launched the comic online! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE
Ok, even better : THIS little BABY drawing right here, it’s the very first representation of the Little Warrior. And it was done…. in 2004.

(I’ll post the full version on Patreon)
Ok, ok, that’s all. Let’s all catch our breaths.


Want to go even further down the rabbit hole????

That’s… that’s it. Somewhere in my teens I read this book.
Well, not this one, this is the english edition, I obviously read the french one.
But this one features a version of the Little Warrior on its cover! And the italian edition goes even further :

Not so little anymore! An explosion as the background, and this picture would be perfect.
Hahaha now you’re maybe a bit lost. Maybe wondering about copyrights, too. Let me recount it in order from now on!
So, at 14 I read this teen book. Back then teen books were my main source of nourishment, and I was tearing through them way too fast.
Name was Golem. A cool little story about a boy and his teacher who bond over a videogame that installs itself on every computer like a virus. It develops into an anticapitalistic tale, talks about growth, responsability and acceptance. Little or not at all about rocks and murder stags.
The virus videogame has a little bit of lore that’s explained… names of places, some characters… and the main character was the Little Warrior.
He’s almost not described! Hence the various interpretations.
And, thus, my imagination was eaten whole.

Over the years, the project has gone through multiple iterations. First a GTA-style video game. Then a RPG, or action-RPG. With a party of characters, and multiple story-changing choices, of course! I even went to video game school and had a career in the hopes of building this project. As time went on, themes started to change, and more and more meaning aggregated around this story. To the point at which it became personal and intimate enough to consider making it a comic instead : the eeriness, fun, and questions of it could, I felt, hardly be carried by another medium.

And now here we are. Page 100. Three years πŸ™‚
Thank you.
For reading, for sharing what you think, for supporting, for being there for my strange little obsession for an unnamed character from an obscure teen book.
Thank you πŸ™‚

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