Hey, happy New Year to you! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for being there, despite the irregular schedule I’ve had for a few months now.
As you may have read, I’ve been through a rough patch lately… bad breakup from a long relationship, bad start of the year with classes, bad revenues, and 4x rent for some time. It was completely disheartening and occupied much of my time and thoughts, still does most days (doesn’t help to focus/draw). I’ve thought about quitting a lot of the things I’m doing, also.
BUT. Even if slower, I won’t quit doing this comic. I’m still here. And I want to fight.
And things are slow, slow, slow, but they are getting better day by day.

And, even like that, you should get more pages in 2023 than last year^^

So, what’s planned for this year, what is there to look towards?
First off, Chapter 3 should take the entirety of the year, maybe even more^^
Printing the comic has been put on hold for energy/money reasons, but as soon as things get better I’ll try some things and keep you updated.
I’m continually refining my art classes/freelance work in order to get more free time and money, to rest, train, fund the comic.
At some time, a comic I’ve done in parallel should air on http://www.dragonball-multiverse.com
And I’d like to make an animated trailer for the comic, to better advertise it πŸ™‚ the stages will be shared on Patreon.

I’d like to do so much more, but for now I’d like to keep things feasible.

I hope for all of you to have the greatest year, full of discovery, truth, love, and life. Keep on being the coolest persons. See you very soon πŸ™‚


EDIT : next page on the 14th!