“It had been years and it was impossible but still. That evening, strolling between the long shadows of the trees, she heard that voice.
The howling wind should have covered it, but this was no ordinary voice. It was coming from between the light and the dark, from between surface and matter, from beyond sound.
It was her voice.
At that moment, it became nauseatingly clear to Sophie that no matter how far she went, how long she waited, how much she changed, she could never outrun it.”

Anne of Maumesnil, Prose from the Path


10 days until guest comic deadline πŸ™‚ don’t worry about making it perfect, stay hydrated and take care of yourself!


Edit (January the 21st) :
Hey, there won’t be a new page tomorrow. I’m still in the process of coloring but there’s a loooot of fine tuning, so it’s taking more time than anticipated. I don’t see myself rushing it, and my week is otherwise very busy, so I’ll simply release it next Satursday. :)Thank you all for your patience, and please trust that it’s in the interest of making a quality comic. 

To the persons who were planning to send me a guest comic : this means the deadline is pushed to February the 5th. Have fun! πŸ™‚