“I hear that at some time, the dueling pratices got out of hand.
The Law was reformed at last when a band of jokers put a circle of stones around a cheesemaker’s hut, and duelled him out of his cheese everyday that the Golems made. They say that the nearby Champion went down of her mountain and dragged them all to the Throne of Stone by their ears. Once the new Law was written, it was delivered around the Rocks by Guards that would drag them by the other ear. By the end of it all, the troublemakers went to undo their deeds, and it is told that to the day they died, their ears were longer than a goat’s, and they had to tie them atop their skulls to look normal.”
Letters from the Exiled Duke of Nomblau.


Forty pages in the same chapter feels unreal. I fear it is going to be twice as big at the first one^^