“Iron Brow, when I was told what happened, I asked : “how many squads did you deploy to be so effective?”.
I have the pleasure to say to you that for neutralizing four oxmen, getting a caravan to halt, fighting your way through twenty guards, grabbing two hundred pounds of gold and having come back running, unharmed, you yourself are officially worth three squads of my best men.
Very soon, I will yield power, and you will be given great responsabilities as my most skilled soldier.”



The first tutorial is almost up for 5$+ Patrons! I just have to finish the subtitles and rework the encoding πŸ™‚


Old text :

Hey, this week I was very tired again. No particular event, no schedule mismanagement, just… plain old tired, and super slow. The two past months have been rough and all over the place, and right now there’s just not much juice left. It’s kind of frustrating, because there aren’t many things I can do about it right now, but wait.

So, here is the blocked out page + dialogues, so that you still can get the story πŸ™‚ next Satursday you’ll get the finished version.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for the delays,