“With the helm, he was the most successful Champion the Rocks had ever seen.
He drove off the Nomad hordes that wanted our secrets and our steel.
Armies of the Empire would litterally fall apart at his sight.
We could have been so much under his rule.
But he was a coward, leaving us after just a few years,
for, what, peace of the soul,
and even the mighty conquests of Bloody Banner could not compare.
Rib Breaker


Good news, we’re back on track! And I’ve added flavor text to page 59 as well πŸ™‚


Old description :

copy/paste of the message I’ve posted earlier this week on Twitter and Patreon :

Having managed to finish page 59 for Tuesday, I today [Thursday] find myself almost as late (slightly less) on Satursday’s page as I was last week.

It’s very, very frustrating to me, but repeating the same strategy of pushing page 60 a few days forward won’t do. It simply compresses and shifts other tasks, while erasing free time and rest. A few weeks of this could get us back on track, but at the detriment of focus and page quality, which is a big no-no.
Plus, this September is a hefty month as I try to organize my classes and pivot my business towards freeing more time for the comic.

So, on Saturday [today] I’ll post a page, which will be black and white. A week later, we’ll get colour, and the week after that will see the return of a normal rythm, with lessons learned. The time freed will be used to make the first monthly tutorial, network around the comic to attract more readers, and maybe visit workshops to host my classes.

Thank you for being there and bearing with me, I wish you hot cocoa and pastries from the bottom of my heart.