“In the narrow valley between the Dented Ridge and Fish’s Back, dwells an armorer, who alone can make new helmets for the warriors of the Rocks.
He uses an alloy only known to him and his family, passed down countless generations, which integrates dust from the Bone of the World, and makes us the best and most sturdy fighters in the Empire and beyond.
The Forge is surrounded by an army of great skill, making it impossible to ever steal from it.
Why am I telling you this story, you ask?
Because I doubt any one of you will ever be worthy enough to go there. Or if you think you’ll be, show it to me in training!”

Daily training with Side-Step


Hey, this is page 50 already! To celebrate, here is the Little Warrior from the aborted 2016 comic I made after my trip to the Alps :

A slightly different design, more prone to detail and less to structure. I was SO afraid of mistakes!
Anyway, the story and concept weren’t really solidified yet. What I knew was what was at the end of chapter 1, what was at the end of the overall story, but I had no idea of how to build the rest. Two years later, after much reflection, I made five new pages, that are the current pages 1 to 5 :). But free time ran out, and I set my sight on another, more doable comic, which taught me a LOT about storytelling. Then, a couple of years later, came lockdown! And you all know what followed πŸ™‚

I’ll also release the two full pages on Patreon, if you’re interested πŸ˜‰


Timelapse fo this page :