“Multiple hands instantly rose from the water, and grabbed Sophie at her wrists, at her ankles, at her throat!
She tried to call upon her second guardian in her hair but air couldn’t get in nor out. “Ladybug, ladybug, LADYBUG!” she thought the loudest she could! Everything went black.
Sophie woke up in the barn, her hands clenched around her neck, remains of a squashed insect inbetween.

Anyone could have interpreted this a very bad dream, if she wasn’t soaked, and covered with water lentils. The river, in contrast, had dried up overnight, and has never run again. People went seeking for a culprit, of course. But Sophie had fled through the woods screaming and didn’t come back.”

Anne of Maumesnil, Prose from the Path


The whole roommate story is starting to blow over, there are fallouts from time to time which demand my attention, but it should go better from here.
For now, the page is on time and that’s already something πŸ™‚
Thank you for bearing with me!