“Rock Rain is a common fear across many mountainous communities. Said to herald the end of times, it is more likely to result from the chronic but far-apart landslides that these regions fatally experience.”
Jaos Gyrimonnos the Elder, Measures of Land and Time


So, the finished page is finally up, and next one will arrive next Satursday. So, same planning, except we kinda missed a week^^
Now, to be a bit more transparent about what happened : I live with five other persons, and one of them decided that he lived alone, but with us. That’s all right most days, but not when it keeps the five others from living peacefully. Last week we had an ugly argument in the night, which left us restless, not knowing how far it would go in terms of violence and harassment. Things are now normally settled, in enormous part thanks the amazing persons I’m living with.

I thank you all for your patience and your kind words πŸ™‚

Edit : modified page 29 for Iron Brow to look more like herself


Original post :

Dear readers, dear friends.
Yesterday evening a dramatic event unfolded in my home, which robbed us all of sleep. I usually use my Satursday morning to finish the page, but this wasn’t quite possible, as there was coping to do. And I am now very, very sleepy.
The full new page is coming to you as soon as possible.
Do not worry, I should be safe, but I need rest.

See you very soon!