And with this, Chapter 1 is officially over.
To read it from the beginning, click HERE!

So then, what’s next?

-First, in hopefully a few hours or at worst tomorrow, I’ll post page 17B, which will take place when Little Warrior is hunting in the Plain of White Rocks. (and then Chapt. 1 will really, really be over)
EDIT : The page is HERE!

-Then, Chapter 2 of course! It will begin next week, and be titled, “To Speak“.

-While doing this second chapter, I’ll also retake coloring on pages 14 and 15 from Chapt. 1. They were made this summer when, among other things I helped my girlfriend move all her stuff, and had less time to spend on the comic. It shows, and I’m not proud of how it denotes from the overall quality.
It will probably take some time, but it needs to be done, as I’d like to someday put all this in print.

-Finally, I’d like to find a way to at least add a French version to this comic (being my native language), and make it agree with the chapter system.

And, you might or might not have noticed it, but there was a slight compression problem on all images. I’ve finally tracked down its source and you can now enjoy pages in all their details and crispiness!!! πŸ™‚

I’m really glad you read this comic. One year ago I did not fully believe I’d do one full chapter of it, and I hope that one year from now we’ll all be thrilled to have joined the Little Warrior in his search.

For now, may the Golems strengthen the beams of your body.