Newsletter – May/June

Hey, this month I bring news of time management, readership, interface, as well as the feared SUMMER HIATUS.Read all of this on Patreon 🙂

Newsletter - Avril/Mai

Hello there, there is a new newsletter on Patreon! It talks about schedule, means to get the comic out there, and the short-term future! Go check it out if you want to be informed! 🙂

Newsletter – March/April

Hello there! In the second newsletter I posted on Patreon, I talk about the PUBLIC, LIVE STREAMING of the page’s colouring each Friday at 8:00GMT, stats, more video and Patreon stuff, and other comics I’m making.If you’re interested to know more, go check it out! 🙂


Hey, I’ve made a big newsletter on Patreon, open to all, , which allows you to peak a little deeper into my work. I’ll talk about THE MONOLITH, the past month and future plans, amongst other things.Give it a read if you’re interested! 🙂

Vous pouvez maintenant me soutenir sur Patreon!

Hello to you all! I wondered about it for a while and was finally seriously asked for it :the opportunity to offer support through Patreon.“What is this strange word?” might you ask. Well, it is an online platform on which you can choose to give a small sum to creators you like and want to[…]↓ Lire la suite…

The Return of the Terrible Human

Hey, in the newest episode of “Living with a Horrible Room-mate”, he finally leaves.In the worst possible way.So, we have very little time to find a replacement and deal with all the logistics.I want to put all of this behind me as fast as possible, and don’t want page quality to suffer for it, so[…]↓ Lire la suite…

La fin du Mandalorien

One week ago, The Mandalorian ended, which made me a bit sad.This may or may not be apparent, but I really like wandering stories, faceless characters, big vast spaces that echo loneliness. As a matter of fact, I drew the first five pages of this comic more than two years ago, and part of what[…]↓ Lire la suite…

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