Hey, as you maybe guessed it, Chapter 2 is nearing its end! It is, wow, almost twice as long as Chapter 1, and the duel in itself almost lasted 9 months. Chapter 3, “Victory”, will be even more huge, and I already have issues about the inconsistencies in “To Speak”.

So, I see no way other that to do a proper preproduction for this one, so not to have to scramble last-minute designs again, only to have them crumble a few pages later (you may have not noticed, but I do, very much. Plus, we’ll get crowd scenes!). The small hiatus should last a month, from the last page of Chapter 2. (approx. end January – start of February)
I’ll also use that time frame to correct some previous pages, and do little TLW-related projects.

I look very much forward to the comics I’ll recieve, and that we will enjoy together 🙂 Have a great week until page 70!